From soft skills, middle skills, reskilling, and upskilling, skillsgapp gamifies content customized to attract, retain and track
industry-specific talent, even in rural areas.

App Gamification Skills Training, Virtual / Augmented Reality Youth Apprenticeships

Gen Z: Middle School and High School

Designed to develop real-world work skills through interactive, digital experiences that engage with industry and expose users to existing opportunities

Virtual / Augmented Reality Apprenticeships, Certificates, and Certifications

Millennials and Gen X

Designed for those currently in the workforce looking for reskilling and upskilling stacking opportunities

skillsgapp offers full-service support via trackable data and marketing communications.

K-12 Toolkits
and Training


Education, training, marketing materials, virtual tours and talks designed to support schools in telling and selling skills-centric career pathways


Private Sector Data and Development

Manufacturing Industry

Partnership in development, engagement with students/parents through skillsgapp tools, virtual mentorship, skillsgapp to provide data tracking on skills development

Public Sector Data and Development

National / Regional / States

Partnership in development, targeted marketing awareness campaigns and PR, skillsgapp to provide data tracking on users/skills development to assist economic development efforts in attracting and retaining industry

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