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We’re all after the same thing: States, regions and industry need a qualified workforce pipeline; kids want a promising future. By transforming skills development, career awareness and job opportunities into mobile gaming technology, we can revolutionize how the next generation engages in – and views – skills-based careers at an earlier age.

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__________ In-game content supports career opportunities and stigma reversal within specific industries and regions
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__________ Games are customized for middle and high school users to gain proficiency in STEM, soft and middle skills
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__________ Trackable performance data provides mentorship opportunities between industry and users, as well as a competitive platform for regional and state economic development
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__________ Rewards intrinsically align career pathways with user proficiencies, like incentives, badges, certificates, and apprenticeships

With 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching retirement age every day, attracting both middle and high schoolers today is paramount in securing our workforce and economy of tomorrow. By meeting Gen Z wherever they are – on their phones – through fun, mobile skills training customized to go and grow with them, we can build a more qualified workforce for years to come, even in under-resourced communities.

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Finally, a one-stop solution that does it all – attracts, trains, and recruits our future workforce – and all in the palm of our hands.

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