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Skillsgapp transforms manufacturing and cybersecurity career awareness, access to job pathways and corresponding skills development into fun, engaging mobile video games. Our games offer a scalable, trackable solution to attracting and growing a sustainable workforce pipeline customized to meet your region’s and industry’s needs while providing middle and high school-aged youth access to meaningful careers – even in underserved areas.

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In-game content designed to shift perceptions of skills-based careers and to support career opportunities and pathways to specific industries and regions

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Gameplay that simulates industry-related STEM, soft and middle skills that are measurable and rewarded through badging and achievements recognized by industry

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Location-specific career and education pathways, programs, and apprenticeships that are presented to players based on in-game performance and vetted interests

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Incentives and encouragement to take action to pursue a well-paying, local career through mentoring and prompts

Workforce development is on the top of everyone’s list right now, especially with 10,000 Baby Boomers reaching retirement every day. This makes attracting both middle and high schoolers+ today paramount in securing your manufacturing and cybersecurity workforce of tomorrow. By engaging with Gen Z wherever they are – on their phones – through our free-to-play Skillionaire Games, not only can you secure a more qualified talent pipeline for years to come, but you can provide meaningful career paths to youth in your region’s rural and inner city areas, where talent is both untapped and underserved.

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Finally, a solution that checks everyone’s boxes: States, regions and industry get a qualified workforce pipeline; kids get connected to a promising future, no matter where they live.

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  • Discover ways to engage with your workforce pipeline earlier
  • Scale career awareness and pathway access, especially for the underserved
  • Gain a competitive advantage for recruitment supported by meaningful data