Career Games for the Workforce Win.

Thousands of your future talent pipeline are playing with a "hire" purpose right now, trying on the most needed skilled careers in your industry and getting connected to local colleges and other companies. Now's the time to get in the game.

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Skillionaire Games: Award-Winning Play.

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Gaming is Good for Your Brand. Really Good.

Not only is gaming your next workforce generation's favorite form of entertainment, it's where they spend over 10 hours a week. These could be spent with you, your company, your jobs and local pathways. And because games can go wherever they go, they scale beyond the classroom and job fairs.


We're Building Skillionaires to Fill the Following Industries' In-Demand Careers:

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Consider Us the Workhorse Behind Growing Your Skilled Workforce.

The more eyes on you earlier, the better we all do in closing the skills gap once and for all, which is why our Skillionaire Games platform includes:

  • A robust online player community of "Skillionaires" with mentorship and engagement opportunities 
  • Direct-to-player marketing
  • After-school deployment partnerships
  • Marketing toolkits
  • Player contests, rewards and incentives
  • Geo-specific career and pathway content
  • English and Spanish translation
  • Mobile and Web applications
  • Free play for all players, always

What Our Skillionaires are Saying:

I like that the game gave me job/college recommendations after each level. I have learned a lot from the game but one thing is that when you are doing science, you have to split up all of the atoms correctly and you have to pour the right amount into your beaker in the lab. I love the game.

The game taught me that the cyber skills I had a lot of fun doing could also make me a lot of money some day.

I love playing video games, especially when I can earn rewards and learn things that may help me in the future and aren’t boring. This was super fun.

I really enjoyed organizing atoms. The game was made really well. I would play this game instead of watching TikTok.

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  • Discover ways to engage with your workforce pipeline earlier
  • Scale career awareness and pathway access, especially for the underserved
  • Gain a competitive advantage for recruitment supported by meaningful data