Skillsgapp’s Skillionaire Games take your workforce pipeline needs and transforms them into rewarding mobile games that middle and high schoolers love to play. Whether at home, on the bus, in rural regions or inner cities, the more they play, the more it pays off. And with trackable data and customizable incentives based on a player’s location, performance and proficiencies, your recruitment efforts win big too.

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Playing With a Hire Purpose

Each of our games supports the soft and middle skills needed in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, life science, STEM, cybersecurity, and skilled trades with customized features to support career awareness and pathways specific to your region. Is there another category you’d like to see?


Career & Pathway AwarenessSoft Skills STEM Skills Middle/Industry Skills Badges & Certifications



User Performance Career Interests Regional & State Segmenting Real-time Data On-demand Reporting



Player Acquisition & Retention In-game Rewards & Incentives In-game Live Events Talent Recruitment


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Everybody Wins

Middle and High School-Aged Youth: Essential and marketable skills development, along with corresponding career awareness, pathways and incentives

Industry Sectors: Access to a targeted recruitment tool for a more qualified workforce pipeline

Economic Development Organizations: Data to demonstrate proactive workforce development and competitive edge

Schools: Support in generating career awareness and corresponding pathways

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    • Discover ways to engage with your workforce pipeline earlier
    • Scale career awareness and pathway access, especially for the underserved
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