Take advantage of this generation’s favorite form of entertainment designed to connect your most needed careers to those who need them most. When students Play with a Hire Purpose™, they gain access to the skills you need, and you gain access to a pipeline you want.

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Showcase your company and the hundreds of careers, skills and pathways, customized to support your talent pipeline needs.

Engage with pre-qualified players who have already ‘tried on’ the jobs you’re looking to fill.

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  1. Awareness of your company or organization’s brand, careers and corresponding pathways
  2. Quarterly player performance data tracking
  3. Recruitment and engagement opportunities for your company or pathway
  4. Industry-relevant badges and skills-based achievements that are important to you
  5. DEI-intentional avatars with the ability to “try on” your jobs
  6. Contests, rewards and scholarships to maximize engagement in your region
  7. In-school and after school program marketing toolkits to support deployment in your region
  8. Free play to all players to ensure access to all potential talent in your region
  9. Access to local vocational, two-year or four-year colleges that support your job needs
  10. English and Spanish content
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    • Discover ways to engage with your workforce pipeline earlier
    • Scale career awareness and pathway access, especially for the underserved
    • Gain a competitive advantage for recruitment supported by meaningful data