Meet the JFFLabs Youth Skills-First Entrepreneurs-In-Residence Cohort

Jobs for the Future (JFFLabs) chooses skillsgapp as one of six startups to participate in their Youth Skills-First Entrepreneur-in-Residence cohort.

Jobs for the Future (JFF): Putting Skills First with Youth Apprenticeship 

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing job market, access to quality jobs is essential for the success and well-being of learners and workers. However, many people face systemic barriers to securing jobs with good pay and benefits, flexibility, autonomy, stability, and the advancement opportunities that are essential for people to thrive.

Recognizing this challenge, the JFFLabs Youth Skills-First Entrepreneurs-In-Residence Cohort is dedicated to addressing these barriers by supporting skills-based talent strategies anchored in youth apprenticeship for individuals primarily between the ages of 16-21.  

Through their collective solutions, these mission-driven entrepreneurs and startups are empowering youth and contributing to the elimination of barriers that hinder access to quality jobs.

Read more about the JFFLabs cohort skillsgapp was selected to participate in.


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