Revolutionizing Career Awareness: Merging Gaming with Real-World Job Opportunities with CMO Cynthia Jenkins | Ep 831 | The Digital Executive

Skillsgapp's Cynthia Jenkins shares how career gaming is changing the landscape of how we fill our most needed jobs in this Digital Executive podcast.

In this captivating episode of The Digital Executive, Brian Thomas welcomes Cynthia Jenkins, the Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Skillionaire Games by skillsgapp. Skillionaire Games is pioneering a unique approach to workforce development, leveraging mobile gaming to connect youth with career exploration and local pathways for high-demand fields such as advanced manufacturing, cyber technology, life sciences, and healthcare. With an innovative platform that tailors career content and pathways based on a player's location, preferences, and in-game achievements, Cynthia shares the inspiring journey behind skillsgapp and Skillionaire Games, the challenges they aim to address in bridging skills gaps regionally, by industry sector, and the incredible impact of gamification on career awareness no matter where you live.

Diving into the core of Skillionaire Games' mission, Cynthia explains how the idea was born out of a need to tackle the skills-based talent deficit by making career discovery engaging and accessible through gaming. Amidst the backdrop of COVID-19, they saw an opportunity to capitalize on the widespread use of smartphones and the universal appeal of gaming to create a career gaming platform that's both scalable and entertaining. Cynthia highlights the thoughtful game development process, emphasizing collaboration with industry experts and the use of gamification to create a virtual apprenticeship experience that's both fun, informative and regionalized.

Furthermore, Cynthia discusses the critical role of feedback from players, educators, and industry partners in evolving the games, ensuring they remain relevant and effective. She also gives insights into future developments for Skillionaire Games, including the integration of generative AI to personalize the career discovery journey and the exploration of new sectors and skill-enhancing methodologies to expand their impact on workforce development.

This episode not only sheds light on how Skillionaire Games is changing the landscape of career exploration, but also underscores the potential of innovative tech solutions in addressing societal challenges. Listen now. Length: 12 Minutes.

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