Shaping Tomorrow's Workforce Today: The Imperative Of Pre-Hire Learning Technologies

Read skillsgapp CEO Tina Zwolinski's special article for on how pre-hiring strategies can strengthen talent attraction and retention.

How career gaming is building sustainable talent pipelines


  • The implications of investing in future learning technologies during the pre-hire phase are profound for both employers and candidates alike.
  • Incorporating gamified career games and AI-driven learning platforms for pre-hire assessments cuts hiring costs, streamlines recruitment, and improves decision-making.
  • The future of learning technologies lies not only in upskilling existing employees, but also in shaping tomorrow's workforce today through proactive pre-hire interventions.

In the increasingly challenging landscape of human resources, specifically within the skills-based industries, the conversation often centers around innovative strategies for upskilling and training existing employees.

However, amidst these discussions, one critical aspect is often under-prioritized due to immediate hiring needs: integration of learning technologies in the pre-hire phase. As human resource executives steer their organizations towards a future-ready workforce, it's imperative to recognize the transformative potential of leveraging learning technologies early in the talent acquisition process, before they graduate high school.

Traditionally, the hiring process involves assessing candidates based on their past experiences, qualifications, and potential fit within the organization. While these aspects remain crucial, the paradigm needs to shift towards a proactive approach where youth is equipped with essential skills and insights well before stepping into the role. This proactive stance not only enhances the candidate's readiness but also offers significant benefits to employers in terms of reduced training costs and mitigated risks of mis-hires.

Enter the realm of career video games with AI-driven personalized learning journeys. These emerging technologies are reshaping the way youth explore career paths and interact with potential employers even before being hired. By immersing themselves in fun, simulated job scenarios, players can try on different jobs, and learn about salaries and relevant pathways, before they choose another path. Just as importantly, they can gain valuable insights into roles, responsibilities, and job requirements for skilled-based jobs that are under-prioritized in school.

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