Career Gaming: A Workforce Game Changer

Coruzant Technologies features Skillsgapp's Cynthia Jenkins' article on how gaming is a workforce game changer for today's most in-demand careers.

As Gen Z and the Alpha generations become the future of our workforce, questions abound regarding how to reach them, the best ways to teach employable skills, and how we fill the skills gaps we see in our current workforce along with the projected talent gaps in the near future. Here we’ll delve into career gaming. 

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The persisting skills gap

For instance, 2.1 million manufacturing jobs could go unfilled by 2030, even with the blistering pace of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Skill sets that potential workers need to succeed in the sector are being reshaped, and both awareness and access to these skills need to keep pace.

As the education landscape begins to shift from a classic curriculum to one focused on traditional studies, it needs to incorporate more elements of career awareness aligned with the skilled jobs that actually need filling. Because employers are becoming more receptive to hiring based on skills than degrees, the time is now to modernize our talent pipelines by democratizing the career development process, which starts by reaching our future workforce earlier. 

To do so, we need to meet these young learners where they are outside of school, doing what they love: Gaming.

As an innovative workforce solution, skillsgapp offers career games to support the following industries: Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Cybersecurity/IT.

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