Cynthia Jenkins and Tina Zwolinski of skillsgapp — Merging Gaming with Career Education, Tackling the Skills Gap, and Innovating for Future Generations

An in-depth interview with skillsgapp's co-founders, Tina Zwolinski and Cynthia Jenkins, and the personal story that launched a new category: Career Gaming


In this interview with Cynthia Jenkins, CMO, and Tina Zwolinski, CEO of skillsgapp, we delve into the innovative heart of an organization that stands at the crossroads of gaming and career education. Their pioneering vision has birthed a platform that leverages the universal appeal of mobile games to bridge the gap between young talent and in-demand careers in sectors like advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and cybersecurity. We’ll explore the journey that led to the creation of skillsgapp, the impact of their work on youth career awareness, and their aspirations for the future of workforce development.

Join us as we uncover the story behind skillsgapp, its mission to equip the next generation with the skills and knowledge for future success, and how they’re transforming the landscape of career readiness through the power of play.

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