Developing a Cybersecurity Workforce Through Gamification

Cynthia Jenkins shares how mobile gaming can bridge the gap between America’s youth and cybersecurity's most in-demand career paths on this BSM podcast.

For Episode S6E2 of the BSM podcast, host Steven Bowcut dives deep with Cynthia Jenkins, CMO and Co-founder of Skillionaire Games by skillsgapp, into the innovative world of mobile gaming designed to bridge the gap between America’s youth and the most in-demand career paths in fields like Advanced Manufacturing, Cyber/IT, Life Sciences, and Healthcare. This conversation unpacks the origin story of skillsgapp and Skillionaire Games, revealing a shared mission to engage and educate middle and high school students about critical and emerging industries through the medium of gaming.


Jenkins highlights the strategic focus on industries like cybersecurity, underscoring the vital importance of raising awareness among younger generations about these lucrative and fulfilling career opportunities. The discussion around the games Cyber Watchdog and Hack Out Bl4ckout offers listeners a peek into how these games not only entertain but also impart essential skills and knowledge, aiming to inspire a new wave of professionals in the cybersecurity realm.

The podcast delves into the balance of education and engagement in game development, providing insights into the creative and technical process from conception to launch. Jenkins shares compelling success stories and feedback from students and educators, painting a vivid picture of the impact skillsgapp is making on students’ career trajectories, particularly in cybersecurity.

Addressing the rapid technological advancements in cybersecurity, Jenkins explains how skillsgapp games remain at the forefront of industry trends to ensure relevancy and effectiveness. The conversation also tackles the critical issues of diversity and inclusion within tech, with Jenkins outlining skillsgapp’s proactive measures to encourage participation from underrepresented groups in these burgeoning fields.

Challenges in distinguishing educational games within a market dominated by entertainment-focused gaming are discussed, along with strategies to overcome these hurdles. Beyond cybersecurity, the podcast touches on skillsgapp’s expansion into other critical industries and career paths, setting the stage for a broader impact on workforce development.

For BSM listeners keen on supporting or getting involved with skillsgapp’s mission, Jenkins provides actionable advice on how to contribute to this transformative educational endeavor.

This episode not only sheds light on the powerful role of gamification in education and workforce development but also serves as a call to action for listeners to support initiatives that prepare the next generation for the challenges and opportunities of the future. Engaging, informative, and thought-provoking, this discussion is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, education, and career development.

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